Take your performance to the next level

When you commit to improving your skills and practicing what you’re doing most at work, or in life for that matter, it enables you to create a level of mastery. When you take the time, energy, and focus to improve the most basic element of your craft, your external environment including progress and rewards, take care of themselves. Internal to you, there’s nothing more fulfilling than being good at what you do.

For your potential to be exposed and fully realised, it most certainly needs to be under a microscope, subject to continuous pressure. Despite what you might think, in this environment, you’re more than likely going to come up short of your expectations. 

Your ability to work through these challenging failure points ensures the next level of performance. Mastery requires practice and an attitude of humility.

The rewards for you and those you serve are enormous and totally worth the effort.

Masterclass benefits

The best results come from being completely honest with yourself, so don’t hold back. Allow yourself the opportunity to be better.

  • Studying online means you have the flexibility of committing to lessons, when ever and where ever it suits you.

  • Learning is about so much more than just books and classrooms. With the support of technology, personal and professional development has never been more accessible.

  • When it comes to performance, who better to be coached by than a former Olympic medalist, world champion and performance management expert with a proven track record in achieving excellence.

What's included and how does it work?

  • Virtual Lessons

    Delivered virtually over a number of weeks or months, depending on the program, Dan will share his expertise with you to support you on your performance journey.

  • Exclusivity

    Be coached by a former elite athlete, four time Olympian, World Champion and performance expert.

  • Flexibility

    Develop your mindset on your own terms, when ever and where ever it suits you on a desktop, laptop or other mobile device.

  • Support

    Support when you need it, at the click of a button. This program is about YOU, but you are not alone on your journey.

  • Prompts and Reminders

    Ongoing support and check-ins to motivate you, keep you focused and help you build good habits for life.

  • Tracking

    Track your progress, so you know where you’re up to, how far you’ve come and what’s remaining.


“Our leaders have been given the tools for developing a high performance environment and challenged in a way that creates new ways of thinking to realise this.”

Mario Rehayem - CEO, Pepper Australia

“It is essential that at the individual level you cultivate habits which increase your teams effectiveness – and no one has more passion and skill in helping you do this than Dan Collins.”

Gary Pittard - Pittard Training Group

“Your clear identification of the key issues with poor culture and accountability and the tools and techniques to deal effectively with them was a breath of fresh air. Your practical experience in extreme sporting situations provided great qualification to your message and our members went away with a new confidence in leading better and dealing with any difficult situations.”

Rebecca Toczek - The Executive Connection